Effect of VemoHerb Bees application on wintering bee colonies, laying activity of queen bees and productivity of bee colonies

Dr. I. Hristakov
Assoc. Prof. Ivanka Jeleva Zhelyazkova
Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Georgiev Hvartchilkov
Trakia University — Stara Zagora
Faculty of Agriculture

In recent years, there is a tendency towards decrease of bee colonies. According to data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MAF), Agro-statistics Directorate, for the period 2008 – 2009 the bee colonies in the country have been decreased by 27 621, i.e. there is annual decrease with 4.2%.

Significantly larger quantity of bee colonies can be grown in Bulgaria, which can utilize the nectar in the nature and perform better pollination of the plants.

A number of unique herbs exist in the Bulgaria, and plenty of biologically active substances can be derived from them, that stimulate the reproductive functions of livestock. Based on this knowledge, the Bulgarian company VEMO 99 developed the unique herbal premix VemoHerb® BEES – a stimulator for bee families.

The purpose of the study is to determine the influence of VemoHerb® BEES on the honey productivity of bee colonies, laying activity of queen bees and influence on bee resistance during the winter period.

Subject of the studies is the stimulating effect of VemoHerb® BEES on bee colonies in combination with inverted sugar syrup.

The experimental part of the research was carried out in three apiaries, owned by the diesertant, located in the village Brestovitsa, Borovo Municipality, Ruse Region, Bulgaria. The village is located at about 290m altitude. The area has rich honey-bearing vegetation. There are linden and acacia forests near the apiaries, and sown from the agricultural honey crops — rapeseed and sunflower are sown.

During the three years of the test, for each experiment one control and two test groups with 7 bee colonies were formed, lined up by the method of analogues. Bee colonies were settled in beehives system Dadan-Blat.

Bee colonies, participating in the tests were fed by the following scheme:

— Control group No 1– every third day 200 ml inverted sugar syrup was given;
— Experimental group No 2– every third day 200 ml inverted sugar syrup was given with the addition of the herbal premix VemoHerb® BEES in dose of 1 capsule (350 mg) per 2 L syrup;
— Experimental group No 3– fed with 200 ml inverted sugar syrup with the addition of analogous product in dose of 1 g per 2 L syrup.

The following parameters have been monitored: amount of sealed brood, average laying activity of queen bees, honey productivity (kg), quality of hibernated bees (%), honey consumption (kg), honey consumption per interbraid bees (kg). 


Bee colonies stimulated with VemoHerb® BEES have the best winter resistance compared to the control group and the group fed with similar product.
Bee colonies stimulated with VemoHerb® BEES have the highest percentage of hibernated bees and consume less honey on an average bee interbraid.
The herbal premix VemoHerb® BEES can be applied in dose of 1 capsule (350 mg) per 2 L inverted sugar syrup to stimulate the development of bee colonies during the autumn period and to improve their resilience during the winter.
Taking into consideration the results that show better development of the colonies and the higher honey productivity, as well as the low cost of the used herbal premix VemoHerb® BEES, its effectiveness to increase the productivity of bee colonies and laying activity of the queen bees is proven.
Addition of VemoHerb® BEES to the inverted sugar syrup, leads to increased laying activity of the queen bees by 38.61% more. Towards the end of the period of active development, the laying activity of the queen bees diminishes and becomes almost the same for the three groups.
The measured values for bee number (strength) are significantly higher in the bee families, stimulated with VemoHerb® BEES, in comparison with the control group and the bee families that received the similar product.
The reported data for both studied seasons (2009 and 2010) indicate that the bee colonies of the group, which received inverted sugar syrup with VemoHerb® BEES have the highest honey productivity rate.

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