Economical benefits

The main benefit behind using inverted sugar syrup, instead of just plain sugar solution for stimulative feedings is that the assimilation of sugar (sucrose) requires energy and thus decreases the production output of the beehive. In addition, there is another point to be made – beekeepers usually feed the bees when there is not much food for them – mostly in early spring and late summer. When you use plain sugar syrup you essentially take energy from the bees in order to feed them. By contrast, no energy is taken from the bees when you give them inverted sugar syrup – thus increasing the effect of the feeding with the same quantity of syrup. In addition to all of this comes the effect of the special herbal blend in VemoHerb® Bees that further stimulates the production performance of the hive and the net profit for the beekeeper.

One pack of VemoHerb® Bees is enough for 1 stimulative feeding (7 weeks application) of 45 beehives.
Due to the excellent results and the low cost of VemoHerb® BEES, it makes economic sense to use it for increasing bee productivity. In addition, the product is harmless for both bees and people, which makes it very suitable for raising bees. 

Another variety of VemoHerb® Bees is VemoHerb® Bees+. With VemoHerb® Bees+ you will benefit the same effects as with VemoHerb® Bees, plus you can use it to prepare inverted sugar syrup, used for simulative feeding.
By using VemoHerb® Bees+, everyone can make their own inverted sugar syrup either at home or at a production facility. No need to buy inverted sugar syrup anymore!

With just 1.5 g VemoHerb® Bees+ you can produce 10 liters of 65% inverted sugar syrup. For that purpose, you are going to need 1.5g VemoHerb® Bees+, 6.5 kg sugar and tap water. The cost of those materials is the following: 2.5 EUR for 1.5g VemoHerb® Bees+, 5.2 EUR for 6.5 kg sugar, 7.70 EUR in total. This price is calculated for small quantities. If you order larger quantities and get a discount, the price would be at least 20-30 % lower. If you buy 10 liters inverted sugar syrup, the price would be about 0.95 EUR per liter, so 9.5 EUR for 10 liters. Therefore, you are going to save 1.8 EUR by preparing your own syrup with VemoHerb® Bees+.

Every 30 g VemoHerb® Bees+ pack will save you money, as you do not need to buy inverted sugar syrup.  Moreover, the amazing effect that comes from the extracts contained in the product would be absolutely free. Therefore, not only is the product free, but also you obtain economic benefit by not buying a ready-made sugar syrup!