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VemoHerb Bees – the natural beehive stimulator

Let’s see how the beehives can be healthier and stronger produce and more honey – completely naturally.

An independent study has recently concluded that unique combination of dry plant extracts produced by Bulgarian manufacturer VEMO 99 have extraordinary results over productivity and general health of the bee hives.

Why that news is so important?

Reduction of bees worldwide is a fact that is not negligible. The beehives are becoming weaker and weaker and bees are disappearing. That’s why the discovery of the Bulgarian scientist Ivaylo Hristakov is so interesting and important. He developed his Dissertation “The effect of specific herbal extracts over the development and productivity of bees” at the Trakia University, Bulgaria. Later, he presented his report at the National Association of the professional beekeepers.

The extracts used in these reports are manufactured by the unique technology of company Vemo 99 Ltd. Based on these trials VemoHerb® BEES was born.

Tests performed on bees with VemoHerb® BEES show:
►Increase of honey productivity by 39%
►Increase of the activity of laying queens by 42%
►Extended length of life of worker bees by 17%
►Increase of the resilience during winter by 6%
►Reduction of the honey consumption during winter by 26%
►Increase of the flight activity of colonies by 56%

We see some really amazing results! How is the research done?

The experimental part of the research is done on three apiaries located in the village of Brestovitza, province of Ruse. The village is located at 290m altitude. The area is rich of honeycomb vegetation. There are forests nearby the apiaries and the area is rich in rapeseed and sunflower. The climate is suitable for аpiculture.

In the experiments, inverted sugar syrup with the addition of VemoHerb® BEES was used for the stimulative feeding of one of the experimental groups. VemoHerb® BEES is an innovative non-hormonal product based on herbs.

The research was conducted for 3 years. One control and two test groups with 7 bee families each were formed. The bee families were raised in Dadant-Blatt beehives.

The bee families were fed according to the following scheme:

1) Group No1 (control) – with 200 ml inverted sugar syrup in each three days;
2) Group No2 (test) – with 200 ml inverted sugar syrup in each three days with added herbal premix VemoHerb® BEES in dosage 1 capsule for each 2 litres syrup.
3) Group No3 (test) – 200 ml inverted sugar syrup with added “Startovit”, 1g per 2 liters syrup. (“Startovit” is a widely used veterinary product in Bulgaria that contains: NaCl, CoCl2, Na2PO4 and others.)

Thus, beside testing the herbal supplement VemoHerb® BEES, an additional aim of the research was to compare it with the other popular veterinary product. The results from the experiments proved that VemoHerb® BEES performed even better than the other product, which is well-known to be effective.

The effect of the application of VemoHerb® BEES is so obvious that it becomes visible in a short time. Its application for the spring and autumn feeding of bee families shows very good results:

VemoHerb® BEES increases significantly the honey productivity and the laying activity of the queen.
►Life expectancy of worker bees during the active period is increased significantly;
►The flying activity of worker bees is increased which leads to better utilization of the available feed;
►Bee families stimulated with VemoHerb® BEES are stronger during the winter, the mortality is less, consume less honey and there are more bees that bloom more intensively in spring time;

One pack is enough for 1 stimulative feeding (7 weeks application) of 45 beehives.

Due to the excellent results and the low cost of VemoHerb® BEES, it makes economic sense to use it for increasing bee productivity. In addition, as already mentioned the product is harmless for both bees and people, which makes it very suitable for raising bees.

Another variety of VemoHerb® BEES is VemoHerb® BEES+

►With VemoHerb® BEES+ you can benefit the same effects as with VemoHerb® BEES
►Plus you can use it to prepare inverted sugar syrup, used for simulative feeding.

By using VemoHerb® BEES+, everybody can make their own inverted sugar syrup either at home or at a production facility. No need to buy inverted sugar syrup!

With just 1.5 g VemoHerb® BEES+ you can produce 10 litres 65% inverted sugar syrup. For that purpose, you are going to need 1.5g VemoHerb® BEES+, 6.5 kg sugar and tap water. The cost of those materials is the following: 2.5EUR for 1.5g VemoHerb® BEES+, 5.2EUR for 6.5kg sugar, 7.70EUR in total. This price is calculated for small quantities. If you order larger quantities and get a discount, the price would be at least 20-30% lower. If you buy 10 litres inverted sugar syrup, the price would be about 0.95EUR per litre, so 9.5EUR for 10 litres. Therefore, you are going to save 1.8EUR by preparing your own syrup with VemoHerb® BEES+.

By using VemoHerb® BEES+ as a feed additive, for every package of 30g you are going to save money as you do not need to buy sugar syrup AND the amazing effect that comes from the extracts contained in the product would be absolutely free.

Therefore, not only is the product free, but we also obtain economic benefit by not buying a ready-made sugar syrup.

Apply 200-250 ml of the syrup mixture to each beehive every 3 days for 6-7 weeks. Stimulative feedings are performed in the Spring (March-April) when pollen and nectar levels are low. Additional applications in August-September are also beneficial. Apply only in temperatures above 12°C (54°F).

What are the active substances in VemoHerb® BEES?

The product contains biologically active components such as saponins, sterols, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols and others. They are all extracted from popular medicinal plants in our region. Those are biologically active substances with broad spectrum that enhance the reproductive functions of male and female animals.

Is there any advantage to use herbal products?

There was a period during which the achievements of the synthetic chemistry were so exaggerated that herbal-based treatment was ignored. Veterinary doctors used synthetic hormones for treatment and stimulation of reproduction in animals. When people ate food of animal origin they took also small quantities of hormones, which lead to certain illnesses and hormonal imbalances. That resulted in a ban of many of the synthetic hormones for veterinary use, which gave us the opportunity to renew our interest in natural medicinal sources and, above all, in herbs and to replace the dangerous hormones with harmless herbal products.

The medicinal substances found in plants are products of plant metabolism and for this reason they are included in animal’s metabolic processes more naturally than the synthetic pharmaceuticals. Herbal-based products are associated with fewer side effects and risks during the treatment. And what is more important is that VemoHerb® BEES is actually more effective than synthetic products.